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Matthew Dill uses Lucas Transmission Fix for 1994 Ford Ranger

Dear Lucas Oil,

I am writing you today because I want to personally thank Lucas Oil for making such great products. I purchased a 1994 Ford Ranger Super Cab with a 4L V6 engine and the A4LD automatic transmission.

I took it to a well known transmission shop to get the transmission fluid and filter changed because it was shifting hard. They refused to change the fluid and filter for me because they said since the truck had 130,000 miles on it that it needed a $1300 rebuild job. They said that changing the fluid and filter would only make it worse. The manager told me I would be lucky if I got another month of service out of the transmission.

Of course I wanted a second opinion, so I went to a local mechanic near my home and he recommended changing the fluid, filter and adding Lucas Transmission Fix. I let him do it since I didn't have much to lose.

The price that I paid for this service sure beats $1300 any day. Needless to say, I have not had a bit of problems for four months now driving 70 miles round trip to work and the transmission shifts like it should.

Again, thank you for making such a product and saving me $1300 for a transmission rebuild. I can't wait to try the oil stabilizer and the fuel treatment that I purchased today.

Matthew Dill

Minford, Ohio

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